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This is why sustainability is so important in the years to come

This is why sustainability is so important in the years to come

Gepost door SnapperX op 23-10-2018

Plastics are everywhere, in all corners of our oceans, from the North Pole to the South Pole. On the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific – the deepest point on earth, more than 10 kilometers deep – a plastic bag was found (!) …

Even the most remote, previously pristine, beaches are now suffering from plastic waste. If we keep on using and throwing away plastics as we have been doing up till now, by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans.

Species in danger

Every year 150.000 to 500.000 tons of (larger pieces of) plastic end up in the European seas. Most of them in the Mediterranean, an enclosed sea, with only a small passage to the ocean.

Marine animals can be badly injured by these larger pieces of plastic. They mistake them for food and can suffocate from eating them. Also a lot of bird species suffer from plastics in their stomachs.

A threat to human health

On top of that, the Mediterranean contains 70.000 to 130.000 tons of microplastics. These very small plastic particles come from, among others, clothing fibers and personal care products.

The tiny toxic particles end up in the food chain and in the long run they will also threaten human health.

The concentration of microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea is breaking sad records: 1,25 million particles per square kilometer. Four times more than in the northern Pacific’s infamous plastic garbage soup.

Manufacturers need to take their responsibility

This must come to an end. Manufacturers all around this globe need to act now. We have to design recyclability into our products. By doing so we can transform the traditional linear economy (make-use-discard) into a circular economy of recyclability.

Entrepreneurs everywhere have to search for eco-friendly alternatives and put them on the market. This way each industry can start producing its products in an environment friendly way.

What is SNAPPERX doing?

We keep plastics away from all our products as much as possible. SNAPPERX reuses existing materials – recycled from thrown away products – to create its surf bags. We also use vegetal materials.

*SNAPPERX CEO Tom Nuytens next to jungle-grown pandan.

To produce our plant-based surf bags, we use materials that come from sustainable production forests. The products we use go from banana leaves, alang grass & pandan leaves, which are woven into “mats” and later on sewed to create eco-friendly bags with respect for nature.

Also the balsa wood that we use for our surfboards, comes from the same sustainable forests. The standard PU en EPS foams don’t even get near our exclusive wooden boards who are handmade in Indonesia.

*The result of monoculture. A threat for the whole eco-system.

These sustainable production forests are a substitute for monoculture, which has been doing a lot damage to the Indonesian landscapes. The sustainable forests also help to reduce illegal tree felling in the jungle, because it’s more profitable for local farmers.

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