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SnapperX coral reef

SnapperX coral reef

Gepost door SnapperX op 17-05-2019

Indonesia has lots of coastal jungle. But as the forests come down, sediments from erosion and chemical wastewater from agriculture reach the ocean, impacting the coral reefs. So far around 95% of all Indonesian reefs are destroyed, damaged, or degraded.

The balsa trees and biodiverse food forests that we’re planting along the Temboan coast help stop the fires and erosion, which ultimately protects the coral. But we don’t stop there.

We’re actively restoring and replanting the coral reefs around Temboan beach using the Biorock method, an exciting new opportunity for nature conservation. Biorock starts with metal structures that are planted into the reef, to which live coral that has been damaged by storms are attached. This structure is fed low-voltage electricity to accelerate the growth process by three to five times, good for several centimeters of new rock per year.

A research team from Delft University has been at place since 2018, mapping out coral reefs and implementing the Biorock method.

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