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Sea turtle conservation

Sea turtle conservation

Gepost door SnapperX op 17-05-2019

The three kilometers of coast on Temboan beach are nesting ground for various rare sea turtle species, including the endangered leatherback turtles who come here to lay eggs. They are under continuous pressure from hunters and poachers.

We work together with the local community to safeguard the beach and the sea turtles through patrols and educational programs. It’s never okay to interfere with wildlife, but in this case there’s no other way to protect them.

We dig up the eggs and bury them in protected areas to be released immediately upon hatching, when baby turtles can run freely towards the ocean. We don’t hold them in aquariums nor do we keep them for tourists to release them on the beach in exchange for money. Baby turtles only feel the instinct to swim to the depths of the ocean in their first few living hours. Immediate release is the key to their survival.

By eliminating disturbances at the nesting beach, nests are safer than ever and more turtles make it to the ocean.

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