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What we are doing to restore bio diversity in Indonesia

Some of the balsa wood we use for our boards is cultivated by local Indonesian farmers on their land. Most of our balsa wood, however, comes from reforestation projects in Borneo. Reforestation is extremely important for the climate. These projects also give a new home to orangutan orphans that lost their habitat because of the […]

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This is why sustainability is so important in the years to come

Plastics are everywhere, in all corners of our oceans, from the North Pole to the South Pole. On the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific – the deepest point on earth, more than 10 kilometers deep – a plastic bag was found (!) … Even the most remote, previously pristine, beaches are […]

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Who is SnapperX?

About Tom Nuytens, founder of SNAPPERX: This Belgian surfer and paraglider has been hitting the waves ever since he was a teenager. The ocean is his natural habitat. Every day he witnesses how hard the environment is suffering under human pressure. Our oceans are filled with plastics, our beaches are littered with all kinds of […]

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